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Student Loans and Financial Aid

Education is extremely important to all people looking for personal enrichment allowing them to appreciate more this world has to offer. Additionally, a good education opens more doors and creates more opportunities for careers or financial success in the future.

Going to college is not free and many people who desire to further their education do not have the financial means to do so - student financial assistance programs can help.

Financial Assistance Options:

Grants - are a form of financial aid in which you do not have to pay back, thus, if you are eligible and able to obtain any grants it is probably your best option. Note: graduate students may receive loans and Federal Work-Study, but not Federal Grants.

Work-Study - these are programs designed to assist you with employment enabling you to earn money while attending school to help pay for school.

Loans - or borrowed money that you must repay with interest is another viable option for people needing financial assistance. Undergraduates may receive all three types of financial aid.

Please note, all schools do not participate in the Student Financial Assistance Programs. Also, not all schools take part in all the programs. To find out which programs, if any, are available at a particular school, you should contact the financial aid office at that school.

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