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Use the following FREE mortgage and credit card calculators and guides to help you manage your money and your credit.

  • Download - Credit Card and Mortgage Payoff Calculator
    Almost everyone carries some amount of consumer debt if only a mortgage and more and more of us carry credit-card debt. Carrying debt means paying interest sometimes an appalling amount of it. This utility, PayEmOff, helps you devise a strategy for getting out of debt efficiently by minimizing the amount of interest you pay. By paying off high-interest cards first, you can save a significant amount of money; PayEmOff shows you exactly how much. In addition to analyzing your credit card debt, PayEmOff includes separate calculators for analyzing your mortgage and investments. These calculators can instantly show you the effect of changing the interest rate, payment amount, or number of months for investment or until payoff. And since dealing with debt is always stressful, you can configure the program to use whatever background images, colors, and fonts you find most soothing.
    By Neil J. Rubenking
    July 17, 2000

  • Download - Credit Card Math Guide!
    Credit Card Math is a well-written electronic guide that teaches consumers about hidden credit-card costs and offers detailed techniques for reducing interest payments. Nine chapters of text, tables, and charts--some of which are interactive--graphically compare and illustrate the effect of interest, minimum payments, charges, skipped payments, and additional payments on debt and its actual cost. The package includes surprising comparisons of declining payment methods and straight amortization methods. It's freeware but includes a brief, unintrusive advertisement for the author's debt-reduction software. This system includes a vast amount of money-saving information that every consumer should know.

  • Mortgage Calculator with Amortization Schedule
    Mortgage Amount
    Interest Rate %
    Mortgage Length Years
    Principal and
    Interest Payment
    Note: This amount does not include any additional
    costs such as taxes, insurance, HOA dues, etc.
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