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Whether you choose to use a credit repair company or do it yourself, to begin rebuilding your credit obtain a copy of your credit report and immediately become financially responsible by avoiding any further financial problems. After reviewing your credit report, correct any inaccuracies that may exist.

In some cases you can lower your combined monthly debt payments by obtaining a debt consolidation loan.

Once you have begun paying your bills (on time), stopped incurring more debt, canceled any unnecessary credit cards and corrected any inaccurate information on your credit report you should begin to use credit again. Obtain a credit card if you don't have one, even if it's a secured card (guaranteed by a savings deposit). Begin using this card a little each month to charge routine purchases such as groceries or gasoline. Pay the card off in full every month to avoid any additional charges. This will begin to build a positive credit history and that is exactly what credit grantors are looking for.

Rebuilding your credit doesn't happen over night, but it can be done - we all know it's worth the fight.

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